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Bed Bugs Removal Services in Phoenix

Bed bugs are back... and they are back in full force. Media outlets like The Chicago Tribune, MSNBC, and Washington Post have been warning about the return of bedbugs across the United States. The general public, including apartment residents, are becoming more and more sensitive to the reality that their homes could become infested with these pests. Infestation can result in financial loss from lawsuits, damage to community reputation, and a loss of apartment residents.

Bedbugs... What are they?

Bed bugs are small, flat insects that reside in beds and other places in the home. They seek shelter in cracks and other little areas such as bedside tables, floorboards, ceiling, electric switches and wallpaper. Bed bugs are also known to be drawn to couches, chairs, and other areas where people rest.

It is important to know and understand what a bed bug treatment entails. When working with professionals, the following steps should be taken:

Bed Area - It is important to focus treatment around the bed area including headboard and footboard, nightstands, hanging pictures, etc to ensure that all possible hiding areas are treated.

Perimeter of Walls - The open areas between walls should be the first areas to be treated once the inspection has taken place.

Carpet Edges - All floor baseboards should be treated with the same crack and crevice treatment. The professional should pull back the edges of carpet, inspect and apply light treatment the tacking and the wall if there are bed bugs present.

Clean the Room - Before any treatment occurs, it is imperative that the residence is clean and all the linens are stripped.

Inspection - Making sure that a professional performs a detailed inspection of the residence before any treatment takes place.

Furniture, Curtains, and Tables - A thorough check in furniture cracks and crevices in all rooms should be done. It is important not to miss any cracks on wooden furniture as bed bugs may be hiding in those areas.

Follow-Up - A follow-up usually occurs anytime between 5-14 days and include another inspection and treatment. This is a vital step in making sure that bed bugs are treated properly because bed bug eggs will hatch and may find an untreated zone to hide.




It's been months and no bed bugs have returned after these guys came out for a three session insecticide removal. The staff was very friendly and I'm satisfied with my service.

Adam Burns


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