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Getting rid of bedbugs can be quite an overwhelming task. Bedbugs, to a great extent, affect your sleep quality. Bedbug bites irritate the skin, causing itchiness and skin inflammation. Bedbug infestation also disrupts your peace of mind. Here are resourceful tips for controlling bedbugs.

1. Declutter Your House

A cluttered space creates a perfect thriving environment for bedbugs. Messy rooms present conducive hiding spots for these little animals. Essentially, locating and treating bedbugs is more difficult for overcrowded spaces.

It will help if you reduce the clutter and organize your rooms. Donate or dispose of the items you no longer use.

2. Vacuum the Floor

Bedbugs don’t only reside within the bed. Carpets provide a warm home for bedbugs to lay eggs.

Vacuum-cleaning is crucial to mitigate bedbug infestation. While cleaning, pay more attention to the edges where the walls and floor join. Moreover, make sure to vacuum the mattress and mattress covers. Upon vacuuming the floor, dispose of the vacuum bag in a well-sealed outdoor bin.

3. Frequent Furniture Inspection

Regular furniture inspection is vital to check for signs of bedbug infestation. Check for any signs of infestation on your couch, desk, bookshelves, and pantry.

Common indicators of infestation include dark spots, bedbug skin shells, and bedbug eggs. Reddish streaks on white furniture also signify infestation by bed bugs. Always inspect second-hand furniture for signs of infestation before making a purchase.

4. Check Your Pets

Bedbugs could also invade your pet’s bed. Cracks and crevices within the pet’s bed harbor bedbug eggs and immature bedbugs. Make sure to inspect your pet’s sleeping area for signs of infestation. Additionally, check the pet’s fur to ensure that it’s safe from bedbug bites.

5. Check for Bedbugs When Traveling

You could pick bedbugs from public areas, including conference halls and hotels. Public means of transport could also harbor bedbugs.

If you’re in a hotel room, check for bedbugs on the bed. Common hiding areas include under the mattress, the headboard, and the frame. If you spot infestation, it would be best if you find another room. Vacuum-sealed bags also prevent your clothes from picking bedbugs.

6. Seek Professional Assistance

If you suspect bedbug infestation in your home, consider consulting a professional expert. Professional bedbug treatment utilizes advanced heating technology for complete elimination of the bedbugs.

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