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Bed Bugs are all we do!

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When you live in Arizona, you know just how big of a problem-bed bugs can become. They are often found in large populations in our homes, hotels, and resorts. They can also be found in our outdoor furnishings such as rugs, throws, and chairs. If you want to know if there is a bed bug problem in your home, there are some tell tale signs you can look for.

A much easier way to identify a potential bed bugs infestation in your home is to observe physical signs of bed bugs from a professional pest control service. By examining photographs of bed bugs bites taken from different areas of your home, you can tell quickly whether or not you have an infestation problem. Dark reddish spots (around this size:) that are dark red and blood-stained on the mattress or bed sheet are often signs of bed bugs, and are quite easy to spot. Remember: always look for the small dark spots!

Bed bug bites can be identified by the red, swollen skin bumps that are either raised or flat, along with a number of small hair-like white lumps on the skin. Bed bugs can also leave fecal fragments along bed frames, cracks in furniture and walls, beams and box springs. These are also small dark spots, but they can be a bit difficult to find. Remember: look for the small dark spots! Bed bugs can bite humans, and can be a real problem, so it is imperative to identify and treat any suspected bed bugs promptly upon discovering them!

If you need help with checking to see if you home, hotel, or business had bed bugs in the Phoenix, AZ area