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If you’ve been getting into your bed at night and have a feeling you’re not alone, there’s a good chance this means you’ve got bedbugs. When this happens, they are unfortunately some of the hardest houseguests to get rid of that you’ll ever meet. If you think you’ve got bedbugs in your home, here are a few ways you can be sure.

Dark Spots
If you start noticing more and more dark spots on your bed sheets, furniture, clothing, and other items, you’ve likely got a bedbug problem. Gross as it is, bedbugs will excrete anywhere they happen to be at that moment, meaning they can make quite a mess in a short period of time.

Though bedbug eggs are only about one millimeter in size, chances are you will start to notice tiny piles of old shells in and around your pillow and other areas. Since your unwanted houseguests lay large numbers of eggs in a single location, it is much easier to spot piles of shells than you may realize.

Rust-Colored Stains
If you are noticing rust-colored stains here and there, brace yourself for this next fact. When these stains appear, they are a sign of bedbugs that have been crushed to death, probably as you tossed and turned in your bed at night. Since you definitely don’t want to have this going on night after night, it’s time to give us a call here at Budget Bed Bugs to get immediate service for your bedbug dilemma.

What Can I Do?
Before and after you contact us here at Budget Bed Bugs, the good news is that there are plenty of things you can do in your home to reduce the risk of a bedbug infestation. These include keeping your home free of clutter, dusting frequently, and washing any second-hand clothing, blankets, or other items made of fabrics before bringing them into your home.

If you don’t want to continue having bed bugs excrete here and there inside your home, contact us here at Budget Bed Bugs to get rid of the problem and gain peace of mind.