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Bed Bugs are all we do!

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Bed bugs are possibly the least desirable but also the most annoying, insects in terms of being a pest. They suck on human blood, lay eggs in mattresses and on pillows and upholstered furniture and beds. Bed bugs can live for a month or longer without a host and are ideal for those traveling in large buildings or apartments. Hotel pest control is subject to periodic inspection for possible infestations. Hotels are often among the worst areas for bed bug infestation, especially because they are used by people – mostly tourists – all the time and since they share personal things like towels, bedding, and other hygiene products.

Hotels can help you identify possible infestations by offering professional inspections or bed bug testing. Hotel pest management has its own unique set of difficulties because there are several potential hiding places and routes that bed bugs take to move from one person’s room to another. They can jump from furniture to furniture, clothes, blankets, and bedding and because they are tiny, it is easy to miss them if you are not careful. The good news is that bed bug infestations can be easily identified in New York City and other high-end tourist destinations. New York State tourism operators offer free bed bug testing and inspection at designated locations and hotels should be licensed by the state to conduct these inspections.

Bed Bug testing and inspection is necessary to prevent infestation and locate the source of infestation where the bugs can breed and spread. Hotels can help guests understand what to do to prevent infestation by providing literature about bed bug problems and advising them about how to avoid contact with live bugs. Guests should take these precautions: Wash regularly in hot water and make sure clothing is clean at all times, especially during the summer when laundry loads might be higher. Be sure to wash sheets, pillowcases, mattresses, and other bedding in hot water for at least two hours after a guest has gone home. New York City and other areas of high-end tourist destinations like Phoenix, AZ have plenty of hotels and bedbug services to assist their guests and advise them on how to avoid and detect bed bug problems.

If you are a hotel, apartment building owner, or multi family investor that has bed bugs on your property contact us for help!