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This question has always been a source of frustration for homeowners. The fact is, they are a small, insect-like creature that feed on humans, rodents, and other animals in the home. The life span of a bedbug is six to ten months, but they can live up to nine months without feeding. It is not known how long a bedbug can survive without food, and some have even been discovered alive in empty buildings.

The real world of bed bugs is a harsher environment. Temperature fluctuations, other bed bugs, and chemicals all reduce the life span of bedbugs. They are also exposed to crush risks during feeding, and females are susceptible to traumatic insemination. They often puncture a female’s abdominal wall to plant their sperm. These conditions may seem ideal, but in reality, bedbugs must endure the freezing temperatures for a minimum of 40 days, even at a low temperature.

One study of bed bugs showed that full-grown bedbugs can live up to 400 days without feeding. Despite these long life spans, it is not uncommon for an insect to die or go into hiding during these months. In order to protect your home from these pests, you should always ensure that someone else sleeps in your bed. This will minimize the risk of a bed bug outbreak spreading among other people in your house.

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