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In recent years, bed bugs have really made a comeback in the United States and are a great source of worry for many home owners in the country. Both commercial and residential properties have experienced issues with bed bugs, leading many industries and even private households to be on the look out for signs of infestation. While there is no real way of telling just by looking, there are a number of tell tale signs that you can look out for when it comes to an infestation and methods of dealing with them on your own. For a start, if you see any reddish or black spots on bedding and furniture (often left behind after a bite) then this is generally an indication that an infestation has occurred. You may also notice that mattresses and box springs sag or develop holes in them, which are often signs of bed bug infestations.

If you live in an apartment block building with property management or a multi-story house or a flat, then you need to get your property inspected by a pest control expert as soon as possible. The sooner that a problem with bed bugs is dealt with, the easier it is to treat and the less damage they will do to your property. While it’s tempting to try and deal with these infestations yourself, it’s not worth the risks and problems associated with trying to do so. Not only are bed bugs expensive to eradicate, but a false treatment will likely leave your already stressed out mattress looking even worse than it did before.

When traveling, it’s particularly important to keep your luggage and especially your mattress and furniture free from bed bugs. If you’re traveling overseas and you suspect that your luggage has been infested, you should contact your travel insurance provider and ask for their assistance. If you don’t have travel insurance and you have to replace your luggage, there are a number of companies which specialize in this type of insurance. These companies will assist you in getting compensation and will also ensure that you’re reimbursed for the cost of your luggage.

If you think you have a bed bug infestation in the Phoenix, AZ area contact our experts for help today.