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Bed Bugs are all we do!

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At any given time, you may have been faced with a pest menace in your household. Pest finds a home in your residence for various reasons, with the number one reason being the level of cleanliness and clutter. Bedbugs are some of the most common pest people have to deal with in their home. This article focuses on some of the things that foster the breeding of bedbugs in our home and a few measures you can take to get rid of them.

People commonly mistake bed bugs to be attracted to dirt and other growths within the house. However, bedbugs are attracted to warmth, carbon dioxide, and blood. A house full of junk like old pieces of furniture provides them with a suitable habitat. Bedbugs are attracted to large pools of people where they can find blood and a place to breed, hence their significant presence in communal areas like hotels, beds, breakfasts, school dormitories, orphanages, and shelter programs.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

• People tend to think bedbugs are restricted to living in beddings and the bed area. These bugs are known to live in a warm place where they can breed effectively without interference. Hence to effectively deal with the menace, you need to eliminate excess junk to deny them alternative residence.

• Regular vacuuming has proven to be efficient—vacuum areas where they are prone like mattresses, bed frames, carpets, and other furniture. Don’t forget to clean out the vacuum cleaner after you’re done to prevent re-infestation.

• Bed bugs generally like to cling to our clothing for long periods, even after washing. It is advisable to wash your clothes and beddings in very hot water with detergent. High temperatures when cleaning have proven useful in dealing with bedbugs.

• Wall cracks and spaces also provide a good place for bedbugs to hide. You could go the extra mile to paint your walls and fix wall cracks to limit the spaces where the bugs can call home.

• You can always fumigate your residence with the appropriate pesticide after proper consultation to eliminate all remaining bedbugs.

Most of the things you need to do to control and handle an infestation are relatively simple. But there are cases when you are overwhelmed by the infestation. It is wise to contact professional pest control company in Phoenix for services to help stop the infestation before it gets out of hand.