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A common problem that can plague any home is Bed Bugs. These insects are part of the Cimex genus and feed on human blood at night. While they are not dangerous, bed bug bites can cause psychological and skin rashes. The small red spots or prominent blisters that they leave can even lead to allergic reactions. However, they are not the only hazard of sleeping in an infested room. To prevent infestation, it is important to identify the symptoms of a bed bug infestation.

A small infestation of bedbugs should be handled carefully. If the infestation is limited, closing the building may not be necessary. However, it is important to treat the entire facility, especially if it has a high number of infested items. This will limit the spread of bed bugs and will save the company money. Besides, if the bedbugs are found on washable items, you can put them through the washing machine or dryer.

A bedbug’s life cycle begins when it is hatching. A female bedbug lays eggs in the folds of a mattress or box spring. The eggs hatch in six to ten days and contain traces of blood. After feeding on human blood, bedbugs will begin looking for food. Once the egg has hatched, they will look for another source of blood. In a few weeks, the nymphs will look for a meal and begin their search for the next host.

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