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Though small enough to inhibit many people’s capacity to see well with the naked eye, bed bugs can be quite problematic. These insects can quickly infest linens and fabrics, cause bites and inflict untoward discomfort for homeowners, their families, and pets.

When one discovers the presence of these havoc-wreaking critters, the only concern said subject has is how to get rid of them.

Tips For Eliminating Bed Bugs

Vacuum Thoroughly

Rooms with bedbug presences should be vacuumed thoroughly. Apparatuses should be equipped with hose-like attachments, which can fit into hard to reach locations bedbugs enjoy hiding.

Eliminate Clutter

Spaces cluttered with junk, objects, and papers are a bedbug’s best friend. Clutter gives the insects plenty of room to hide.

Apply Heat

Infested clothing or fabric might benefit from heat treatment. This might be performed using several methods.

Insect eradication industry experts recommend placing impacted items in a clothes dryer and ramping the device up to high heat.

Another suggested effort is to place linens in large, black bags, transfer said items into a car’s trunk and let them bake under a hot sun.

Use Cold

Impacted individuals are urged to reduce their freezer’s thermostat down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, place items in question into firmly sealed, plastic bags, and leaving said containers in the freezer for four days.

Administer Steam

Steam often proves effective. Steam cleaning devices are often able to penetrate areas, such as into carpeting, underneath baseboards, bed frames, and various other items.

That said, steam temperature must reach at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit. However, steam should not flow with excessive force. Said action could force bed bugs to scatter, which would render the endeavor counterproductive.

Retain A Professional Bed Bug Services

While the preceding do-it-yourself efforts might yield positive results, the most efficient course of action is to consult a professional extermination service.

Said establishments have experience handling such cases and possess the proper equipment.

Contacting Us

When homeowners detect bedbugs, they need to act fast. Our company enjoys a significantly positive track record ridding homes of these creatures. We look forward to serving the residents of Phoenix and beyond. Further information about our company and the services we provide can be accessed by visiting