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Bed Bugs are all we do!

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The first step to getting rid of bed bugs is examining the edges of the mattress and the box springs. You can also check under the bed, under the covers, and inside books and clothing. The droppings of bedbugs are blood-filled, and they leave dark spots. You can use a wet towel to wipe away any eggs or droppings. When you notice an infestation, contact an exterminator. You may have to treat the infestation yourself, but it won’t cost much.

You can remove the infestation by destroying the eggs. The eggs hatch in about a week. The adults live in the bed frame, although they can spread throughout the house by hiding in furniture and fabrics. A bedbug nymph will not be visible without magnification, but it is easy to identify with its flat body and its distinctive gray hue. You can also discard your belongings to get rid of bed bugs. If you’ve seen an infestation, you can find a solution.

The bedbugs live in warm temperatures and will feed on your blood. The most common ways to get rid of bed bugs are to remove them from the bedding with a vacuum cleaner. After removing the bugs, you should throw the bag in a trash can. A stiff brush can also be used to get rid of them. If you’ve removed the infestation, you should place the bag in a plastic bag outside. When you’re done, you’ll have eliminated the problem.

If you think you have a bed bug infestation problem in the Phoenix, Arizona area contact our team for help getting rid of them.