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If you’re worried about bed bugs, read on for some helpful information about this common parasite. Bed bugs are small, itchy insects that feed on the human blood. You can get them in your home by sharing living and sleeping areas with others. While they do not spread disease, their bites can be uncomfortable and itchy. If you notice them in your home, get rid of them quickly. Here’s how:

Bedbugs are parasitic insects

Despite being common in developed countries, bedbug infestations can occur in any home. These insects feed on human blood and live in hidden crevices and cracks in furniture, bedding, mattresses, cushions, and walls. You may only see their feces and blood, if you’re lucky enough to wake up to find them on your bed linens, or if you’ve been asleep in the same environment as them for several days.

They feed on human blood

Although bed bugs do not require a host to survive, they do need some form of nutrition to grow and reproduce. While they don’t require blood for their basic needs, they do require it to mate and lay eggs. They lay eggs every ten to fifteen days. You can kill bed bugs by following the recommended feeding schedule. Bedbugs will die quickly if the feeding schedule is interrupted. However, they can still survive without blood for up to a year.

They can be spread by sharing living and sleeping quarters

Shared living and sleeping quarters are a prime breeding ground for bed bugs. If you have guests over often, bed bugs may hide in the clutter near your bed. They may also infest bedding. The easiest way to prevent an infestation is to keep your living and sleeping areas free of clutter. Infestations of bed bugs can spread quickly if you share them with other people. Here are some things to keep in mind.

They can be itchy

Itchy bed bugs can be annoying for a variety of reasons, and luckily, they’re not infectious. They can be a nuisance to homeowners and guests, but they’re more likely to cause a secondary infection if they’re scratched too much. However, bedbugs can also be a serious health risk for people who have weak immune systems, and children are especially susceptible. It’s best to avoid touching these insects as much as possible.

They can be painful

If you have ever woken up to an itch in your bed, you know how painful and itchy bedbug bites can be. While bedbug bites do not usually cause an allergic reaction, it can be painful and itchy. If you are allergic to bedbugs, you can take an antihistamine medication to relieve the itching. If you are unable to avoid bedbug bites, you should consult a medical professional.

They can be hard to identify

Although bed bugs are not easily detectable, they can leave a blood stain or trail behind them. This is due to bed bugs feeding on the blood of their host. The marks are usually a dark brown or black color. Unlike blood stains, fecal spotting will be much harder to remove, even with the help of soap and water. Moreover, the stains will appear as if the bed bugs have smeared magic marker all over the place.

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