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The pandemic has brought more attention to how many germs you can pick up during your travels. While viruses are always a concern, it is also likely that you could bring home tiny pests that wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. Bed bug infestations often start shortly after a recent trip, and you can use these tips to get a handle on the situation before it spirals out of control.

Inspect Your Luggage
Bed bugs can technically hitch a ride on the clothes that you are wearing, but you are more likely to find them hanging out in your suitcase. Once you get home, don’t bring your luggage inside until you have given it a full inspection. Use a flashlight to examine the seams and look for small brown-black bugs or evidence of their eggs. If you see anything, then don’t bring it inside until you contact a professional.

Put Your Clothes Directly Into the Washer
If your suitcase passes the test, then you can move on to getting your clothing inside. Put all of your clothing into a washable laundry bag and send everything through the washing machine and dryer on the highest temperatures that the fabric will tolerate. Keep in mind that you will need to wash even the clothing that you did not wear since it could still be harboring bed bugs or their eggs.

Watch for Signs of Bed Bugs
Despite your best efforts, it is still possible for a bed bug to find its way into your house. Continue to monitor your bedroom for signs of an infestation. Live bed bugs can sometimes be visible, but you are more likely to notice black or red specks on your bedding. These could be caused by bed bug fecal matter, blood from their feedings or tiny eggs. You’ll also want to be concerned if you wake up with red spots on your skin, especially if they occur in rows of three or more. This could be a sign that the bed bugs are actively biting you as you sleep.

Did you spot signs of an active bed bug infestation? Don’t delay calling for help at 623-256-0941. Our pros here at Budget Bed Bug can help you get control over the problem before it spreads.