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Bed bugs are pesky insects that accumulate in large numbers, are difficult and expensive to eradicate, and can actually cause impacted homeowners and residents painful bites and scratches. Therefore, the best method of elimination might very well be prevention.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Fortunately, employing certain simple suggestions could significantly increase a homeowner’s chances of ensuring their home remains bed bug free. Such tips include:

Knowing The Early Signs

Early signs of infestation might not be easy to recognize. Ergo, homeowners and residents should be alerted to early signs including the appearance of red, itchy blotches on their bodies, blood-tinged night clothing, shed skin, egg shells or even bed bugs appearing near the edges of mattresses, and the emergence of new cracks or crevices appearing in furniture.


Bed begs tend to hide out inside carpeting. Therefore, homeowners are urged to vacuum regularly. Additionally, said activity should be performed on other popular destinations like mattresses, box springs, and other types of flooring.

Examining Pets

Bed bugs do not discriminate regarding where they accumulate. A dog or cat’s bed or linens often serve as sufficient breeding grounds and should be closely monitored.

Eliminating Clutter

Rooms or areas of a home littered with clutter foster infestations and render such accumulations far more difficult to eradicate. Considering such information, homeowners are encouraged to either donate or get rid off materials no longer used or needed.

Inspecting Used Items

Almost everyone will purchase or come across a used item they feel will be a welcome addition to their abode. Unfortunately, however, such objects often serve as ideal breeding grounds for bed bugs. Therefore, before bringing any type of used item home, said individual should thoroughly inspect these items.

Being Cognizant Of Public Places

Occasionally, home bed bug infestations are born in other locations. Places such as hotels, department store dressing rooms, and even the residences of trusted friends and family could be the problem’s root cause. Ergo, a complete and concise inspection of one’s clothing and property should be conducted immediately after visiting said destinations.

Contacting Us

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