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According to this definition, bed bugs cannot be classified as a parasite. However, bed bugs do occupy the bedbugs’ nest, but they don’t actually live in or underneath the bed. In the pest control business in Phoenix, bed bugs can be called a “soft-bodied pest,” which is to say that they have an exoskeleton (i.e., they are “soft”) that protects their body from being destroyed by chemical substances used to eradicate other pests. When they sense movement and activity, they hide in the fine lines of fabric, wallpaper, and counter tops, then attack only when their host is asleep. They may suck the blood of their victims, but there is no evidence that this blood transfer has any medical value. The blood may indicate that the bedbugs are transferring nutrients to their young, but the sucking is done only for the fun of it, rather than for obtaining nutrients.

The bed bugs of the Phoenix are distinguished from other pests of similar size and eating habits by their reddish brown color, which is not found on other bugs of this size and eating habits. Bed bugs are oval-shaped and about 7.5 millimeters long, with small pointed wings. The wings are short and varied in shape, and are found along the seams and in corners. They are able to penetrate the skin easily through clothing, making them a difficult nuisance.

These pests often live in homes where there are no bugs screening curtains and cracks on the floors. The bed bugs first enter a home through cracks in a wall or door, or in any crevice that might be readily available. After they have entered, they look for places to hide, and the crevices that can accommodate their eggs. When they detect moisture, they quickly spread infestation to surrounding areas. Because of their rapid movement and frequent movement, bed bugs can be a persistent problem.

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