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When you think about the dreaded bed bugs, you are probably like most people and assume they exist only in beds. While we wish that were true, that is unfortunately not the case. In fact, bed bugs can be found in many areas of your home. Because of this, it can feel like an impossible task to finally rid your home of these pesky pests. If you are wondering just how many places bed bugs may be hanging out in your home, here are a few spots where you should take a closer look.

Furniture and Curtains
Believe it or not, bed bugs are often found living on curtains and furniture inside homes. Along with curtains being very easy to cling to, wooden furniture that has plenty of crevices or cracks also makes an ideal spot for bed bugs to call home.

Wall Perimeters
Just as they enjoy living on furniture and curtains, bed bugs also like the open areas between your home’s walls. In fact, once you have had professional bed bug technicians inspect your home, these areas are often the first to get treated.

Carpeting and Baseboards
Should you have carpeting in your home, chances are bed bugs are lurking somewhere in and around your carpeting. In addition, they also love your baseboards as well, since these usually have small cracks and crevices in which they can hide.

Bed and Bedroom Area
Last but certainly not least, your bed and bedroom area are the preferred spots for bed bugs. While of course your bed will be the primary spot that needs to be inspected and treated, other spots such as your nightstands, hanging pictures, headboards, and footboards should also not be overlooked.

If you think you have a bed bug problem in your home, don’t procrastinate. If you do, the problem will only get worse. Instead, give us a call here at Budget Bed Bug. Once you do, our trained bed bug inspectors will arrive at your home and do all they can to send the bed bugs packing. To receive an estimate and schedule service, call us at 623-256-0941.