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If you’re concerned about bed bug infestations, the first step in treating them is to determine what they look like. While bedbugs may look like tiny, translucent bugs, they’re actually a more complicated pest. Their skins start out whitish, turning rusty red after feeding on human blood. These insects are not known to transmit disease, but if they eat your blood, you’re likely to have an allergic reaction.

The first place to look for bed bugs is the seam along the edge of the mattress. You’ll notice tiny, black dots that are excrement that they leave behind. Often, the feces are a difficult sight to miss, as the feces are made of blood. If you find a few droppings here and there, you’ve probably got a bedbug infestation. If you find many more bugs, you’ve got to look harder to find them.

Most people can tell if they have bedbugs because they are brown, oval-shaped insects that feed on humans and animals. They have flat bodies and a reddish center, making them easy to spot. Most people don’t feel any symptoms and won’t even know they’ve been bitten. However, some individuals will experience skin infections and scarring from the bites. Some people will even develop an asthmatic or anaphylactic reaction if they get a bedbug bite.

If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area and need help determining if you have bed bugs or not contact Budget Bed Bug Control for help